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In addition to my fine art practice, I also have experience as a prosthetic effects artist. My work ranges from the more conceptual side of photography, installation and sculpture to the more technical angle in the world of prosthetic effects which include mask making, display busts and medical simulation devices. Having partaken in numerous fine art exhibitions as well as having studied under the experienced Neill Gorton, my history and involvement in the field of creativity has been long and fruitful. Throughout my prosthetic effects practice, I like to incorporate the conceptual elements of fine art in order to create original and unique work. 

Banshee silicone bust mask for prosthetics sfx project made with different variations
Medical simulation airway management device sfx training
Wax face cast of individual altered to make them appear deceased. Based off the photography of Walter Schels.
Animal: A Body Horror Short film birds metamorphisis with bleeding arm silicone prosthetic uncanny effect for film.
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