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2016-2017 Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, Coventry University, Coventry (UK) 
2017-2020 BA(Hons) Fine Arts, Falmouth University, Falmouth (UK)
2020-2021 MA Prosthetic Effects, Falmouth University, Falmouth (UK)


2021 Prosthetic Effects Showcase, Falmouth University, Falmouth (UK)
2020 Falmouth Online Degree Show, Online Platform (Created in Falmouth, UK)
2019 Victorian Hair Jewellery, Falmouth University, Falmouth (UK)
2019 Second Year Poly Gallery Exhibition, The Poly, Falmouth (UK)
2019 Woodlane Windows, Falmouth University, Falmouth (UK)
2018 Viscera Pop-Up Exhibition, Princess Pavilion Gardens, Falmouth (UK)
2018 A Curious Hall Art Fair Pop-Up Exhibition, The Curious Art Market, Falmouth (UK)
2018 First Year University ExhibitionFalmouth University, Falmouth (UK)
2017 The Gauntlet Festival, Falmouth University, Falmouth (UK)
2017 Foundation in Art & Design Degree Show, Coventry University, Coventry (UK)

Film Work

Come Away Love and Death (Storyboard Artist, Props), Nottingham (UK)
2021 Animal: A Body Horror Short (Prosthetic Effects), Cornwall (UK)

Talks and Presentations

2017 Cafe Morte Presentation, Falmouth University, Falmouth (UK)
2019 The Gaze in Post-Mortem Photography, Falmouth University, Falmouth (UK)
2020 Victorian Hair Jewellery, Falmouth University, Falmouth (UK)
2020 Gender Politics of Neo Noir Films: An Analysis of Gone Girl (2014), Falmouth University, Falmouth (UK)
2021 How Prosthetic Effects are Utilised to Create a Sense of the Uncanny in Horror Films, Falmouth University, Falmouth (UK) 


2019 Shapeshifting Masks: Can Intersubjectivity in Performance be Eliminated or Just Manipulated? Falmouth (UK) 

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