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Plague Doctor

(Click on image to play video)

This video was especially inspired by the works of Pilvi Takala and Bruce Nauman. The candid element was an influence from Takala’s work, as well as the interactive aspect of it. It’s deceptive nature, especially towards the audience when they suddenly realise that the Plague Doctor is also a participant in the conversation, has been inspired by Nauman’s work. The audience participation in what can be considered a documented performance is an element in both Takala’s and Nauman’s work. The Plague Doctor participating in a meeting based around Death also raises uncomfortable questions and makes the situation intense, which is also a characteristic in Nauman’s work, particularly Clown Torture. 

(Due to the sensitive nature of the conversation, I have decided to mute it altogether and include the video only. If you wish to listen to the conversation as well view the video, contact Dr. Cicadoidea) 

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