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Artist Statement

The collective, ultimately an experimental collaboration between a doctor, a patient, and an artist, aims to break the boundaries of art therapy through the artist’s use of a broad spectrum of creative techniques and media utilised in ways to challenge the patient under the careful guidance of the doctor. The doctor, anonymous and known only as ‘’Dr. Cicadoidea’’, aims to pioneer new methods of therapy which can effectively be performed using minimal effort by any individual in order to help themselves. In order to accomplish this, Dr. Cicadoidea works closely alongside his first and only patient, fittingly known as ''Patient #0'', and me, the artist. We constantly communicate with each other, discussing the various issues surrounding Patient #0 and how Dr. Cicadoidea can potentially mitigate them using my artistic practice as a form of therapy. The means of communication between the trio consists purely of handwritten letters, for the purpose of keeping their relationship not just private but also intimate and meaningful. This does not necessarily mean that we, as a collective, won’t allow the audience a glimpse into our thoughts…

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